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2.5 Gallon Split-top Rotating Copper Still

2.5 Gallon Split-top Rotating Copper Still

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Our 2.5-gallon split-top rotating copper still combines form and function seamlessly. Designed for convenience and precision, this innovative unit features a split-top design and a rotating feature, allowing easy access and control during the distillation process. The copper construction ensures efficient heat distribution, while the larger 2.5-gallon capacity caters to those seeking a more substantial yield without compromising on the benefits of a split-top design. Elevate your distillation game with this modern twist on tradition, where practicality and craftsmanship converge in every rotation.


10 L
0.6 mm
Varnish Treatment
Copper & Brass Handles
4.1 kg
Height X Length X Width (Mm)
790 mm x 550 mm x 270 mm
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